Saturday, January 20, 2007

not much accomplished

between my allergies, and the pinched nerve in my neck I haven't blogged too much lately, I finally seem to be getting better and have a lot of projects planned. I have a blanket to make for a high school friend of mine who is having her first baby sometime in March I have the cotton tots ready to go I just can't decide on a blanket pattern, the only knitting I've done this week has been about 8 inches of the Icord for my bathroom rug, along with the pain in my neck I've had pain in my right shoulder as well as it popping out of place if I try and move it too much. Someone I work with suggested I get a balance ball to help with my back's alignment so when I venture out today it's one of the things I'll be looking for.
I'd also like to work on a pair of mittens this weekend to donate. I have plenty of stash yarn to work from I just need to pick something out.
Since I decided not to buy any new yarn its amazing how many projects I've come up with that all require yarn I don't have but I have plenty here to work from and plenty of patterns I've picked out that I would like to make, I've also thought about finishing my unfinished projects, like the duck I started for Jonah before he was born (he'll be 2 in March) and the sitcom chic cardigan, and the scarf I started with the yarn from my first knitting class it's about half way done.


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