Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Blanket progress

So I learned that I can knit much much faster when Melissa isn't at my house I completed almost twice as much knitting in an house less time and I only have 48 rows to finish by Saturday at 11:30. I think I can do it I did 37 rows in a little over 3 hours tonight so I figure even if I do 24 rows tomorrow I can finish the rest after work Friday or Saturday morning. The yarn is Bernat Cotton Tots.


Blogger Jess said...

Did you know that I thought your blog had disappeared until I realized I could scroll? It's way at the bottom. I'm confuzzled by why I see it that way but at least I could read it. :) I'm sorry I wasn't there Tuesday - I have your movie to give back!

31/1/07 22:49  
Blogger erica said...

I hope you finished the blanket in time and that you didn't injure yourself in the process.

I noticed that you haven't finished your scarf from the first knitting class, that would be a great idea! The duck was so cute and you seemed to have gotten such a great start on it, so I hope you finish that soon too.

5/2/07 22:09  
Anonymous melissa said...

Hey! I resemble that comment. ;)

10/2/07 13:39  

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