Wednesday, March 21, 2007

what's been going on....

So nothing too exciting knitting wise has been happening the blanket looks the same it's the same cable over and over again.... I didn't finish it yet I was supposed to have finished it by last Friday but what I thought would be 10 repeats to make to length will probably be more like 20 repeats - my aunt seemed to want the blanket more of rectangular that square as was my plan but she really liked the pattern so that was a success.
I haven't finished my jaywalker socks yet either - which I am sure is a shock to you all since you know I started them in September of 06 I guess it's better than starting them in September of 05.
I am however tempted to drop everything and go to NYC to represent but my old bosses retirement party is tomorrow so I'm going to that tomorrow which sadly is knitting night so I have to miss that this time.


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