Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Happy Wednesday

So not much knitting going on at my house - not much of anything but laying around and TV watching going on at my house to be honest. Gilmore Girls was good last night not great but good I love Mrs. Kim lately! The final of my Hershey Tshirts finally arrived yesterday - the Almond Joy sometimes you feel like a nut one - the one I really wanted was the one that took the longest to arrive. I'll take pictures of them and add them to the post this week sometimes. After making all my co-workers, friends and family eat candy bars I'm a little dissapointed they are cotton and rayon and on the thin side but I guess 5 of them were 55 wrappers and $7 so I shouldn't be too dissappointed.


Blogger Becca Nelson said...


Hi! I don't know if you remember me. I'm Dennis and Samantha's friend, Becca. Audrey pointed me toward your blog becuase I showed her mine the other day. I always love checking out what other people are knitting.

I LOVE those little socks you made for Jonah. They are very cute. My sister is having a baby and I need to get busy on knitting stuff. I have a baby sweater almost done. I'm not very good at blocking or seaming, so we will see how it turns out. I've never knit an adult sweater before, but I'm thinking I might try the ribbed cardi from chicknits. Have you ever bought any yarn from knitpicks? I was thinking about getting my yarn from them because is is really inexpensive.

Anyway, talk to you later. You can check out my blog if you want to - it is mostly knitting and scrapbooking stuff. I just started it and I already don't know what to write! I think I'll be posting a lot of photos.

Take care.

18/1/06 15:18  

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