Thursday, January 05, 2006

Socks and Such

So I finally started working on old projects again. I took my sock to knitting meetup on Tuesday and knit about 15 more rows.
Some of the meetup folks are learning to knit socks this month so I took mine along to be part of the group :) I have a tendency to talk too much and not knit so much.
On other fronts I am finally getting a new stove. It was supposed to come tomorrow and instead they decided to bring it this afternoon but who knows why they changed the day? I think the old one was really ugly but couldn't bring myself to buy a new stove because it was ugly but when it broke it was time... so farewell... I also took a really good picture as you can tell. My kitchen is on the narrrow side so I couldn't get far enough away to get the whole thing.


Anonymous Erica said...

Here's a link to the Japanese sweater pattern knitalong that I mentioned on Tuesday night.

6/1/06 23:24  

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