Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Knitting Party

Okay so I had 10 knitters (and me) at my house perfect blog fodder and did I take a single picture? no. I charged the batteries the day before put the camera on the buffet and left it there all evening. Knitters were at my house for 5 hours and not a single photo of people knitting happily away jammed into my living room. Next time.
I got some lovely sock yarn in our gift exchange and my miniature knitting needles turned out cute, I have a picture of those at home so I'll have to bring the camera in tomorrow so I can at least share that.
Thanks to everyone who came to my house, and to everyone who taught me that my neighbor on the south east corner is also 326 - I'm sure they want to knit now. They didn't even call the police when people walked into their house - impressive.
I didn't get much work done only 3 rows, but I had a lot of fun with everyone.
Thanks to Erica for showing me some new cast-ons too - now I feel I have a more appropriate cast-on repertoire.


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