Thursday, December 01, 2005

Little House

Okay - so I have to stop watching Little House on the Prairie it gets more and more disturbing all the time, it's a horrible show. Last week they took a mute boy and gave him morphine so he acted like a wild animal - until Jenny (Laura's niece) helped save him and then he learned sign language. Last night Jenny almost drowned and was having trouble because she was oxygen deprived for some long and the Dr. that helped her was going blind. Then I watched the Christmas special where Rose (Laura's daughter) was kidnapped by a lady who had lost her baby. Then after they look for her at an orphanage and pick up Samuel (a cute little boy who kept saying how much work he could do and how little he ate) they look for her and miss Christmas, they left Jenny at home by herself, and when they find her they let Samuel stay with the kidnappers and take their daughter home... why would you let any child stay with the kidnapper (it was just the wife the husband didn't know Rose was kidnapped)? Isn't this supposed to be a family show?


Blogger Rachel said...

I used to love Little House whn I was a kid, but I tried to watch it recently when I wasn't feeling well....And you're right, it's just so darn morose! And oh, the kitsch! How can a show be both so 19th century and so 1970s all at once?

7/12/05 20:43  

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