Tuesday, August 09, 2005


So my first day of vacation including visiting 2 yarn stores in Sturgeon Bay and Whitefish Bay Farms, a sheep farm and Bed and Breakfast. Since I spent all my money the first day (oops) the rest of the long weekend was spent visiting relatives, reading Rococco and knitting. I need to take a picture of the yarn I bought at Whitefish Bay Farms - they have the wool from their sheep (corriedale) made into yarn and sell it in the natural colors. I bought 8 hanks of the nice chocolatey brown. Thanks to Erica from my knitting group for the suggestion! Also bought my first sock yarn! some for me and some for baby socks!


Anonymous Erica said...

Kelly - It looks like we bought the same color. I couldn't resist that chocolatey color either. =)

28/8/05 19:36  

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