Friday, July 29, 2005


So I spun my own yarn last night and made 2 tiny skeins. It's natural corriedale (sp?) that Erica brought for me to play with. There is a little yellow and rust mixed in on the first on that we had been using on the drop spindle. I keep showing people at work. "Here's the yarn I made isn't it cool" then they stare at me blankly. So we also were the personal freak show for lots of people at starbucks last night. People just stared blatantly without even trying to hide it. Some crazy man said I don't know what dis is but it iz beautiful. Apparently the knitting in public is a lot more common than the spinning wheel. I need to work more with the drop spindle so I have more than a half a yard of yarn before I take that off to take a picture!
Thanks Erica!
Donations are now being accepted to buy me a spinning wheel!


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