Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Book Signing - Adriana Trigiani

Book Signing
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This is right after Adriana signed my book last night ; ) The new one Rococo I'm very excited to read it. She read a portion from the end and I thought I was going to cry! She is so funny and promised that next tour she will come to Chicago! And she is coming out with a new book at Christmas time can't wait!


Blogger Wendy said...

OMG - I had to get a hold of you! You don't know me but I saw your post on the Knitter's Review forum and realized you live in Vernon Hills! Wasn't sure how to get a hold of you so I thought commenting on your blog might be work...lol! Great blog, by the way. You are WAY talented!!
Anyway, I'm Wendy and I live in Volo (right by Fox Lake). My hubby works in Vernon Hills. We moved here recently and I have been trying SO hard to find knitting/crocheting groups around here and have had ZERO luck! I am a little more into crocheting than knitting but I do know basic knitting (my favorite thing to knit is Fun Fur scarves!). Do you know of any groups around here? Or would you wanna meet up sometime and work on our WIP's? I'm currently crocheting a really cool reversible afghan. Anyway...I so hope to hear from you! My email address is walking_works@comcast.net and I check it often. Thanks!!

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