Monday, July 18, 2005

Flinging Flanging Hourglass Sweater

This sweater has definitely turned against me. Just because I made another sweater with this yarn and the same size needles doesn't mean you would be the same guage now does it? Just because I did another guage swatch to check things out doesn't mean it would turn out now does it? So I added some extra stitches to make sure it wasn't too tight to be safe what does this mean yes yes the sweater is too big. And the neckline is especially beautiful hanging down and sagging and showing off my bra straps lovely I tell you lovely. Just because I did the decreases every row because I had heard rumors about the neckling being too close to flashdance doesn't mean my trying to prevent this would actually work so now I get to frog. But how far? Any opinions are appreciated!


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