Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Norbyfest Report

So Norbyfest 2005 is officially over. I taught my SIL DeeDee how to do a hat in the round. And I got my cousin Samantha to start knitting a seed stitch scarf. My brother took a picture when I was looking a different direction so hopefully I can get that sent to me and post it soon!
We also had a Custard Taste Test - we did a blind testing of Kopps, Leons, and Culvers. Kopps won a majority of first place votes. The testing was all vanilla custard I'm sure they would have been clobbered even more if there would have been flavors.
Owen came to my house Friday night - well Saturday at 1:30 am and when he got up he started playing with balls of yarn he was running around unwinding kitchen cotton and putting it on his head by the time I got my camera out his dad had taken it away : (


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