Saturday, June 07, 2008

Another baby present completed

It seems like every time I get in the groove of working on projects for myself I have to start working on a baby present. So here should be the last baby gift I have to knit this year ; )

And I got some more done on my aquaphobia sock. I had a Dr.'s appt on Wednesday and ended up sitting in traffic for almost 2 hours for a 4.5 mile drive so I got some rows done then, and now this is my project focus again.


Blogger JessCat said...

Hey, so this is awkward, it's not really about you, but I notice that you're into knitting. I've just finished a book about a woman who enjoys your hobbies, and seems similar. It's called Family Tree by Barbara Delinsky...just thought you should check it out...

26/6/08 19:13  

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