Friday, April 25, 2008

The Harlot

So today I went to go see the Harlot took a half day of vacation and met up with the girls. We had a great day, then sadly the Harlot got stuck in Toronto because of the weather, I felt so bad for her she's going to feel terrible and really there was no riots no boos nothing, just some clicking of needles. I just hope I can go next time she comes, maybe it will be a weekend. The only thing is Melissa won't be able to come being she's due on Sunday but these things happen, it was disappointing because being that pregnant she totally would have made the blog.


Blogger CrazyCatMadame said...

If Harlot reschedules, then Melissa should bring her little one with her...she'll be sure to make the blog with an infant in tow!

28/4/08 09:43  
Anonymous Jessica said...

Being that I love reading your blog, I feel that I should comment. Irregardless, I have nothing to say.

28/4/08 10:35  

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