Saturday, April 19, 2008


My foot surgery went fine - I am sitting with my leg on an ottoman and doing a little knitting today. The Dr. lied to me and told me I wouldn't have to use crutches then in an evil twist of fate waited for me to be drugged up and handed me crutches... I can still walk on my foot I'm just not supposed to put a lot of weight on it yet. I have to get my bandages removed Thursday and am hoping that I won't have crutches after that at all.

I did finish my socks for class so I need to bring the 2nd sock to Kathy sometime soon. I've been working on my Pomatomous socks (sp?) again and am almost done with the 2nd leg repeat, it's going pretty quickly but every time I need something and have to get up it takes a while so only have gotten 11 rows done today. I'm hoping to finish the first sock before I go back to work Tuesday.


Blogger Brian McCormick said...

I'm glad your surgery went well. Happy healing.

20/4/08 13:17  
Blogger Michelle said...

Aha - so this is why you cancelled lunch on me!!! I know the truth now!!!

21/4/08 19:34  

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