Sunday, February 10, 2008

Progress pictures

So I've made some progress on sitcome chic it's pretty boring right now - just plain stockinette though I am ready to cast on for the sleeves, so hopefully that will be more moti.vating. I also restarted the hippo socks, I started them once over christmas and the cast on row was pulled of the needles so I started them again and have about 1/2 repeat done so far... I haven't really been to movitated to work on any of my knitting, despite the cold weather... though it has been nice to be able to wear some previously made knits and stay warm


Blogger vi said...

i am baking today.....want to come and help?

i just put the dough for peanut butter cookies in to chill
and i think i am making muffins...maybe bran oatmeal

with raisins and pear butter?


11/2/08 09:12  

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