Wednesday, January 02, 2008

what happened yesterday

So I left my parents house to go the Fold at around one, after about 20 minutes I had slide sideways into the opposite lane of traffic, luckily no one was coming and I straightened myself out very quickly. I drove another 15 miles when is slide sideways off the road and into a ditch. The snow on the passenger side was up to the passenger side window and the wind made it extremely difficult to open the door (and impossible to close without shutting my hair in the door). A county sheriff appeared after about 15 minutes after leaving another can in the ditch about half a mile north of me. He said I needed to have the car towed immediately because of how far I was still in the road, he got the tow truck driver from the other car to pull me out. When I was out and down the road further to pay and realized (after 3o minutes of getting pulled out) that I knew the tow truck driver... so thanks Trent! I was halfway between where I was and where I was going so I kept on... and after a few more miles of bad drifts and ice I came to a few miles of clear road and it was mostly clear after words and only a little more sliding occur ed. I finally arrived at the fold at 4:15 and was greeted by many hugs and was told by Toni to sit down and eat cake : ) The yarn sale prices were awesome and I got some great bargains and a great and generous gift from Toni.
I'll be posting Christmas projects and glass making pictures soon!


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Whoa! Are you ok?

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