Monday, November 14, 2005


I do so well - I bought these needles and some Paton's Glitterspun this weekend, my only knitting purchases for almost 2 whole weeks. And I only spent about $5. The needles are Crystallite Size 15 which I didn't have size 15 so I thought I should get some. I was thinking about using the glitterspun to make some sort of a little clutch, maybe one like the margaret nicole ones but sparkly instead : )

I also got about another 8,000 words done on my book which puts me at 20,500 which is still behind but definetely moving in the right direction.

I also completed christmas project number 2 and started number 3.


Anonymous Erica said...

I caved to the hobby lobby sale this weekend, and bought a pack of crochet hooks (I'm always losing them), a few DPNs (I taught myself to use them), and other stuff. I only spent $10 - love the 50% off.

14/11/05 19:13  
Anonymous Amy said...

I totally enjoyed ready your blog. I had to stay away from Hobby Lobby. It was calling my name. Aaaammmyyyyyy. My husband said "Run for my [his] life." Poor guy. No, really, very poor. I told him I was going to need him to build a room for my knitting materials. I just started but I'm sure others have rooms that look like the back isle of Hobby Lobby.
I'm glad for the blog discussion on Meetup. I hope you finish your book.

17/11/05 10:49  

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