Monday, July 11, 2005


So thanks to the folks on Knitters Review I know have links to two webrings on my sidebar so I am going to try to post more frequently and say interesting things : )
I just attached sleeve number 1 last night to the hourglass sweater and have about 20-25 rows left to do to finish sleeve 2. I keep reading about people who run out of yarn and I am in a panic I have I partial skein still attached for the yoke portion about 1/2 gone and another that will be about 1/3 used for the sleeve and another whole one so I have at least the yardage for 2 full skeins (i'm using Cascade 220 superwash) so that's over 440 yards I'm thinking I should be fine... but keep wondering since everyone else seems to be running out of yarn!
Pictures hopefully tomorrow!
*edit - apparently I haven't been accepted in the rings yet so they don't work quite yet


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