Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The Battle of the Fruit Cup

So I bought 24 tiny cans of fruit. Just the right size to bring to work or eat for breakfast, plus it's fruit and who eats enough fruits and veggies? I bring 2 cans to work on for a snack and one for with lunch. First can I try to open the ring thing pops right off leaving a nice whole in the top of the can where the ring was attached. So thinking DelMonte labelled these easy open cans it must be a fluke so I go to open the second can this one starts to open just enough so I can see the fruit and then off comes the tab. So I put them back in the refrigerator thinking I can bring a can opener tomorrow. Then I get angry and get the one that was open just a peep and pry the lid off with my staple remover (which I'm sure it very sanitary) so at least I can eat it. Of course I take the second can with the one millimeter whole in the top as a personal challenge against me. I try the staple remover that didn't work, I tried a scissors that didn't work, binder clip no at this point I'm pretty sure all my office supplies are covered in lite syrup so I give up and throw it away. The score is now 1 Kelly 1 Fruitcup 22 battles pending...


Blogger adam_and_sarah said...

Good luck with the next 22 battles!

1/6/05 04:49  

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