Thursday, June 02, 2005

Letter from DelMonte

Okay so some people (me) complain to companies when things irritate them and then when we get replies like this we wonder why we don't concentrate on bigger problems since this seems frivolous... oh well.

Thanks for visiting our Del Monte website and for your email.We're sorry to hear that the pull-top end on our metal cans of Mixed Fruit haven't been opening properly--especially when you're at work. From your description, it certainly sounds as though the lid isn't working the way it was designed to, and we will notify our can supplier about your experience. In the meantime, you may be interested to know that Del Monte fruit cups are also available in 4 oz. plastic cups with a plastic seal. Additionally, many of our cans may be easily opened from the bottom with either a manual or electric can opener.We apologize for any inconvenience our packaging may have caused. In appreciation of your business, we are sending several Del Monte coupons to you via postal mail.


Blogger adam_and_sarah said...

Now you can buy more cans at a discount and open them upside down!

3/6/05 11:35  

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